On the 2nd Friday of each month we join together to move forward in our walk with Jesus, through food, fellowship and fun!  Aimed at families with children of a primary school age, people of all ages join together to share their faith and learn from each other.  The style of the service is suited to those who prefer to encounter God and understand the Bible using a multi-sensory approach.

Drinks and Nibbles are served at 4:30 with craft tables for the children.  The service starts at 5pm and we finish with food and fellowship at 5:45pm.  The service focuses on a particular Bible passage with plenty of interaction, discussion, prayer and worship.  We aim to involve the children in the leading of the service as much as possible.

At Friday Feast you always know what you are going to get but you never know how it will happen!  Recently we have conducted a science experiment, a secret agent challenge and had a congregation sing off!