Little Lights is our baby and pre-school group (0-4)  that meets during our 9.30am Sunday Service. We have a large loving and dedicated team where parents and Carers can choose if they would like to stay and join in or sign their little one in with a designated leader and return to the main church service.

Children in Little Lights are learning the word of God through story and play.  They can experience spending time with him in planned activities and worship. Singing and dancing and using instruments are all part of the fun in this group. Children love to wake up Mr Bible puppet, who comes and shares scripture with them. One of our favourite times in Little Lights is the prayer time on the parachute, where children love to ‘sit on the spot’ and enjoy a special prayer time of praying together.

We have an extended time of play and craft within the middle part of this group session, which provides opportunity for the parents who stay to benefit from some time getting to know one another and the team.

We look forward to creating ‘The Family Room’ on completion of the current building works, where parents and carers will be able to choose to relax and watch a live feed of the main service, whilst young babies relax on playgyms,  feed or just need strectch!

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