Little Lights is our baby and pre-school group who meet during our 9.30am Sunday Service. We have a large loving and dedicated team, parents/carers are encouraged to return to the main church service and leave the little ones to have some fun of their own! Some parents do choose to stay and participate in the sessions, which is fine also!

Children in Little Lights are learning the word of God, experiencing spending time with him, worshipping with song, dance and instruments and encouraged to remember scripture with Mr Bible Puppet. One of the most special times in the group is the Prayer Time, children sit on the ‘spot’ on the parachute they have a time where they all pray for each other and other people. The toys also come out for some playtime!

We encourage the children to grow with the Lord and create ways to give the children opportunity to simply be with him.
Little Lights is a lovely place to be. The parents who choose to stay in sessions benefit from time engaging with their children, God and growing in fellowship with other parents.

Pastoral support & The Prayer Ministry Team are available.

The Quiet room is available for parents who may want to listen to the main church service whilst feeding babies, with speakers, comfort and toys.

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