In Sparks we want to create a fun place where the children develop a sense of belonging. We want the children to feel heard and confident to search and explore their faith and what that looks like.

A session in Sparks may look like; Welcome and catch up, worship with song and actions or quiet reflection, listening or watching a story video clip from the Bible, watching a Drama sketch or taking part in one. A game or activity time to develop friendships within the group and use some energy! A time of prayer.

Parents/carers will normally remain within the main church service for this age group, but if you are visiting us with your child for the first time and would like to come in and visit us, we would love to welcome you. Please chat to one of the team in Red T-Shirts.

Alicia Monet is the Sparks Team Leader.

On the third Sunday in the month, the children stay in church with the rest of the congregation for a one-hour all-age service.

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