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St Paul’s is often called “the church with the posters” because of the frequently-changed posters outside. Posters are made by different people in a variety of ways, to give a taste of what the church is about and what is going on.

Poster workshops offer a chance to share ideas, and to have fun cutting, tearing, sticking and painting – creating posters that will attract the attention of people passing the church.

Poster workshop

For details of the next poster workshop, contact Yvonne Coppock at yvonne@postersplus.org.uk

To find out more about making posters, visit the Posters Plus website at www.postersplus.org.uk or order the book “Prepare the Way with Posters”.
St Paul’s Library

The church library is conveniently situated just inside the front door of the church.  Books may be borrowed by church members or visitors, provided they fill in the details in the borrowers’ book before leaving. Books are categorised in sections, and colour-coded to make selection easier. The range includes Humour and Fiction as well as Bible Study and Prayer, and there is a popular Biography section. There are books for Children and Youth, and others dealing with subjects such as World Mission, Healing, Relationships and Suffering.




Julia Renault is head of Creative