Heather Morton is Head of Discipleship

Small Groups

Discipleship needs vary widely according to ‘where we are at’ in our Christian Journey.  We hope this is reflected in the variety of Small Group opportunities we offer, as we aim to meet the needs of all those who are part of our Church family.

Essentials Group

A short term small group specifically for new Christians, designed to help develop the two essential habits of Bible study and prayer, and equip each person with the basic tools for effective growth.

‘After ALPHA’ Group

Looking at one chapter of ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ book each week, this small group is an ideal starting point for those just embarking on their Christian journey. We plan to run this 40 week group after each Alpha course.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups give us the opportunity to study and apply God’s Word within the relaxed and safe environment of a small discussion group. They play an important role in establishing relationships, and offer essential weekly support. Each group is very different, but all share the same purpose.

Core Groups

These new small groups are an exciting opportunity for those who would value being stretched in their personal growth, by being held accountable to the challenges of the Holy Spirit. We suggest that individuals form their own small group by choosing 4 or 5 others, to meet monthly and mutually support and encourage one another in personal growthand accountability.

‘Any Questions ?’ Evenings

We hold ‘Any Questions?’ evenings once a term to give anyone the opportunity to ask our ‘panel of experts’ anything about church or the Christian Faith.