St Paul's Criterium Outreach

The Town Criterium is annual afternoon of cycle races around a 1.2km closed-roads course in St Helier.

The track forms a heart-shape which interlocks with
the heart-shaped district of St Paul’s Church.

We are committed to loving and serving our town.  As an expression of our support for the organisers of this successful and superb sporting event, we hand out cookies to the crowds, provide refreshments for the marshalls and officials, and pray.

In doing so we hope to enhance the already tangible community spirit, and display the radically generous character of God.

The 2013 Criterium will be on Sunday 26 May.
St Paul’s Church will be reaching out between 11am and 6pm.

The 2012 Criterium:

The 2012 Criterium was on 26 August.  107 volunteers from St Paul’s Church and the Town Church together:

  • Handed out 2000 cookies to spectators
  • Baked and donated cakes
  • Delivered water, tea/coffee, sandwiches and cakes to marshalls/officials
  • Collected litter
  • Prayed for:

  • Marshalls/Officials
  • Cyclists
  • Spectators
  • St Paul’s/Town Church Outreach teams

  • Big Maggy’s
    (Organisers & coffee providers)
  • Maids of Honour
    (Cookie providers)
  • Simple Simon’s
    (Sandwich Providers)
  • Town Hall
    (Road closures; Start/Finish line)
  • Corners

Photos: All Albums | 2012 Cyclists

The 2011 Criterium:

The 2011 Criterium was on 31 May.  Volunteers from St Paul’s Church handed out 1000 cookies to spectators, and prayed for the town and those involved in the races.

Photos: All Albums | 2011 Cyclists

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