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Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendour of holiness

Psalm 29:2

This wonderful Psalm of David encourages us in worship and challenges us in worship. The first verse reminds us that when we worship we are in the company of heavenly beings – in a deep sense we touch heaven in our praises.

That is where we glimpse the glory – a glory that will one day be fully revealed to us. That is where we understand fully the splendour of His holiness – the God whom we worship is set above all things and yet invites us to draw near. Such is the high calling to worship.

Our God is the God who speaks and the thunder roars, whose voice is powerful; whose voice is like flashes of lightning; whose voice shakes the earth. Our God is the Lord who is enthroned as king forever.

Living creature on earth react with exuberance at the voice of the Lord.

Perhaps most potent of all is the last part of verse 9 – and in his temple all cry “Glory!”

You have come together as the People of God to give him glory, honour and praise; to train for glory where you will participate in the universal roar of glory to the living God and to the Lamb. (RS)

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