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  • Paul Brooks

The Power of a Dream

In my recent sermon on Dreams & Visions I talked about Nabeel Qureshi. The story is of how he had a dream of a banquet which he could see through a small door. He could see people celebrating and having a wonderful banquet with the finest of wines - and inside was his friend David. He didn't go in (in the dream) but after he awoke he found his friend, the only Christian he knew, to talk to him about what he had seen. Rather than interpreting the dream for him, David pointed him to Luke 13:22-29, which was exactly what he had seen in his dream - and that began a journey of searching leading ultimately to faith in Christ.

This article gives more details about his life journey:

Tragically Nabeel died at the age of 34 in 2017 from stomach cancer.

His testimony is recorded in "Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus" and a fuller version of the dream is also available in Lee Strobel's book, "I Believe in Miracles".

Ravi Zacharias tribute to him in The Washington Post can be found here:

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