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Zechariah 9: 16-17

“On that day the LORD their God will save them, as the flock of his people; for like the jewels of a crown they shall shine on his land. For how great is his goodness, and how great is his beauty!”

Zechariah, along with others among the Old Testament prophets, anticipates the coming of the King of Zion to the Holy City. Today we celebrate the initial fulfilment of that prophecy when Jesus, in simplicity and humility entered Jerusalem on a young donkey. One day, perhaps soon, he will return, and this time in triumph and majesty, as reigning Lord and Judge. He will come with the angel hosts, the accompanying redeemed, to the sound of the trumpets of heaven – he will evidently be our reigning Lord.

For us right now we yearn for an interim fulfilment of the promises of God. I have been served over the last few weeks with a veritable banquet of good things from the Word of God. Scriptures have been brought to my attention by my friends in South India, from a Church in the Florida Keys, from friends in ministry around the UK, and of course from within St Paul’s, all of which have been a profound blessing to me.

What has struck me most is the emphasis on hope and on promise, especially in situations of trial and testing. Again and again that has been the focus. These Scriptures have consistently pointed me to the faithfulness of our God, not least in times like these.

That seems to be a universal reality rooted in the person and mission of Jesus. He who rode into Jerusalem to rejection, trial and cruel death, is the one who conquered, who rose, who ascended and who will return. The Word of God provides promise and hope, together with gracious resources through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Hold firm to those promises, reach out in love to those whose testing is severe, be generous in your care and point them to the Son of God whose sacrifice for them was complete. (RS)

“Lift up your heads to the coming King;

bow before him and adore him, sing –

to his majesty: let your praises be

pure and holy, giving glory

to the King of kings.”

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